Aarasab NL is a firm believer in the 6-step process illustrated above to integrate a software-based approach to project controls and estimating. The software package ideally should incorporate abilities to perform all levels of estimates, budgeting, cost control and forecasting, seamless scheduling data transfer, management of change (MoC) and benchmarking as well as variance analysis using an integrated approach.

For instance, on major pipeline projects an approach that has worked very well for Aarasab NL has been to use Hard Dollar (now known as InEight Estimating & Project Management) for Estimating and  Productivity Management as well as for Analysis Reporting. For scheduling, we would use a fully integrated Primavera P6 (resource management) and TILOS (ideal for scheduling on linear projects). The integrated approach allows for a standardized process negating the need to re-invent the wheel for each project. It allows us to use technology at its best, to manage the increasingly complicated interfaces on projects nowadays. It eliminates inefficiencies by entering data once in Hard Dollar and analyzing various scenarios by using the integrated P6 and TILOS to obtain the optimum results.

As the data is fully contained within the software, various data analytics techniques can be utilized to obtain the optimum work schedule, crew composition and work flow amongst the restrictions that are prevalent on these type of projects due to seasonality and rotations.  

A further benefit of this approach that is most relevant in todays Covid-19 environment, where workplace restrictions are in place is that all the above can be done using a centralized database and remote working environments. The practitioner just needs to be able to picture the various steps involved in getting the scope of work done that he/she is responsible for and be cognizant of the timeline given for doing it. Everything else is done by the practitioner and the centralized system. Support is always available so that the practitioner is not left hanging.

The manager would then just be responsible for managing deadlines, client interfaces and arranging future work. In this age of advanced digital technology, skilled PC personnel should spend less time on data collection & formatting and more time on data analysis and key message delivery.

Please do contact us for our experience in integrating these software solutions to create project delivery success.

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