Project TIC Range
(€10 Million ~ €2 Billion)

Aarasab NL has been involved in a wide range of Brownfield and Greenfield petrochemical plant cost estimations. Our most recent endeavour has been serving as Cost PMC on the USD 1.4 billion Ceyhan PDH-PP project which has a  design capacity of 450 kTon. Working with other PMC team members (ISS International SpA) in Italy and supporting owners in Turkey (Ronesans) as well as Algeria (Sonatrach),  we were truly international in our approach. We have an extensive library of rates and parametric factors that have been used to benchmark leading petrochemical installations and retrofits in Europe, Asia and North America. Whether your new project is a standalone one or a brownfield extension, we have the skills and expertise to ensure a cost stable environment for our clients. We also specialize in costing turnarounds, which lies in a special category due to its unique project characteristics and implications.

Oil & Gas

Project TIC Range
(€50 Million ~ €10 Billion)

Whether upstream, midstream or downstream business is your next project expansion plan, Aarasab NL has over 25 years of experience in all of these environments. The upstream facilities are exploratory in nature, carrying raw crude or natural gas whereas the downstream refineries process the raw materials and are compact, made up of a CPP as well as utilities and offsites. The midstream on the other hand involves pipelines and storage facilities and each have their own peculiarities. Aarasab NL has extensive experience in all these specialized fields and we stand ever-ready to share our wide-ranging knowledge with our clients.


Project TIC Range
(€5 Million ~ €7 Billion)

Aarasab NL has an extensive library of current rates from pipeline projects around the world. Our clients can avail of our comprehensive expertise for validation of their internal estimates or request for a full development of classified estimates for their business needs. Specific details on pipeline crew buildups, auto welding mainline and poorboy crews as well as hauling & stringing crew buildup is available for analysis and discussion. As pipelines are a linear project, optimum crew planning creates exponential cost savings in the bottom line, and this budget-centric feedback is something that our clients have been highly appreciative of.

Sustaining Projects

Project TIC Range
(€1 Million ~ €10 Million)

Whether a project is a standalone capital one or part of a program developed over many years, accurate cost data collection and transference to future endeavours is key to maintaining a predictable cost estimate outcome. It has been proven that if Aarasab NL is brought in at the outset, using our extensive data set as a first benchmark and then utilizing the cost collection techniques that we have perfected over the years, project estimates have come to within 5% to 10% of the final project cost. We pride ourselves on this acumen of precision that we provide for our esteemed clients.