Location Factors for Estimating

“I have just been assigned a new project located overseas. Management has informed me that they expect me to come up with a Class 5 level cost on this new project for a management meeting in just a few days as they have completed a similar project in our home...

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Estimating Quick Checks – Fitting Factor for Piping

Based on over 25 years of working in industry with a bulk of them doing estimates for contractors, EPC(M)’s as well as owner organizations, Aarasab NL has come across multiple situations where the estimator has not been present for the MTO reviews with engineering...

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Software for Remote Work on Capital Projects

Aarasab NL is a firm believer in the 6-step process illustrated above to integrate a software-based approach to project controls and estimating. The software package ideally should incorporate abilities to perform all levels of estimates, budgeting, cost control...

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