AACEI’s education board has completed an Online Learning Module and this is a Free Module. It covers Section 2.2.4 of AACEI’s Recommended Practices (RP) 11R-88.

The link for this FREE module is : https://www.pathlms.com/aace/courses/3446/external_presentations/168247

This module covers the following topics and is a good starting point for those of us who are interested in a structured capex development methodology.



L01 – The estimating student will get an overview about the various modules planned by AACEI for online learning in Cost Estimating over the next few months.

L02 – This section covers the basic terminology that is required for the CCP Certification Exam and for a better understanding of all cost estimating modules. Though the list is not exhaustive, a reference is provided for those who want to know more. If anyone is interested in sitting for the CCP exam, it is highly recommended for them to review their knowledge of those terms.

L03 – This is AACEI’s capital cost estimate classification, requirements and accuracy for each class of estimate as per Recommended Practice 18R-97.

L04 – This section discusses the conditions, elements and activities that affect a capital cost estimate.


If you are interested in learning more about any of these modules in greater depth, please do not hesitate to contact Aarasab NL at contact@aarasabnl.com